Read with Bear

Read with Bear

So I am now officially a writer of picture books. Or, rather, writer of the WORDS of a picture book – I left it to the lovely Jo Byatt to create the pictures. And the book in question is a very special book aimed at getting young children to the library. Because if children have access to great books, they’ll read more great books, and children who love reading are happier, healthier and do better in life – fact. Plus, who knew how much fun it was to write for pre-schoolers? I mean, it’s all written in rhyme. And no one’s trying to take over the world or anything; there’s just a bear, who likes to read:) And look who’s reading the book below! In a library, no less. Huge, huge honour. Really.



And in other news, I am currently working my way through a hugely impressive pile of books as one of the judges of the Bookseller Industry Awards… I’m judging Children’s Book of the Year and it is going to be VERY hard to choose. And it’s got me thinking: what actually makes a great book? I mean, what is it that makes one book really fly? Is it timing, is it story, is it luck, is it a fantastic publishing team, or is it a bit of everything/something else completely? Tell me what you think. Please. Ideally by next week when the judging takes place…



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