New books!

New books!

Phew, it’s been an exciting month so far… First there was the Bath Literary Festival which was SUCH a joy – gorgeous city, fabulous event; then I went to a Twilight Convention a couple of weeks ago and met THE nicest bunch of people ever – thank you for making me so welcome! Then there was the Wimbledon Book Fest, which is my local book festival so I LOVE IT. Officially. I felt like I went to virtually ever event (which I didn’t, obviously. I went to about five, that’s all), and it was just so wonderful so see so many people getting so passionate about books. I saw everyone from Sebastian Falks and Rose Tremain to The Wombles, via Shirley Conran and the brilliant Penny Vincenzi. And finally I’ve got lots of lovely books out this Autumn. The Killables mass market paperback was published this month, so do look out for that, and next month sees the republication of The Declaration Trilogy, with spankingly cool new covers.

Meanwhile, I’m working hard on the last in the Killables trilogy… The Disappearances (number two in the set) is now totally finished and I have just seen the cover. WOW. Really chilling and beautiful, both at the same time. That comes out in the Spring – late April I think – and I am about a third of the way through The System, which concludes the trilogy.

Hope you’re having a great Autumn…

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